Second Grade Anchors

ISTE NETS for Students
A. Creativity & Innovation
B. Communication & Collaboration
C. Research & Information Fluency
D. Critical Thinking, Decision Making & Problem Solving
E. Digital Citizenship
F. Technology Operations & Concepts
1 Create original work using word processing and graphics.
2. Use simulations and/or graphic organizers
1. Communicate with students in from a different culture, grade, school and/or county.
2. Recognize people's need and desire to communicate as they describe and classify past and present communications inventions
1. Model and practice searching techniques.
2. Evaluate the integrity of information and/or websites.
3. Identify an appropriate research topic/question.
4. Use applications to organize information.
5. Cite resources for information collected
1. Brainstorm and choose a question with a learning partner.
2. Explore solutions with a learning partner.
3. Collect data using digital tools
1. Identify good cyber community rule: don not lie, cheat or steal, do not hurt others, do not give out personal information, call an adult if you need help.
2. Explore copyright laws as a class.
3. Explore and identify the usefulness, appropriateness, and safety of a websites a class.
4. Signs and follows Acceptable Use Policy
1. Demonstrate the ability to access files from and save files in multiple locations. (Hard drive, network folders, jump drives, etc.)
2. Use and practice the keyboard as a tool to enter letters, numbers and words.
3. Demonstrate the ability to print and/or share a document.
4. Demonstrates the ability to import and export files. (graphics and/or audio)
5. Use appropriate grade level applications
6. Demonstrate the ability to navigate all technology environments