Table of Contents

Third Grade Anchors

ISTE NETS for Students
A. Creativity & Innovation
B. Communication & Collaboration
C. Research & Information Fluency
D. Critical Thinking, Decision Making & Problem Solving
E. Digital Citizenship
F. Technology Operations & Concepts
1.Create an original work using word processing, graphics, and audio
1. Communicate with students from a different culture, grade, school, county.
2. Explore the concept of cyberspace as a means of connecting people and explain how the ability to communicate can unite a neighborhood.
3. Give critical feedback on work products
4.Use digital media to communicate and work collaboratively
1. Identify an appropriate research topic/question.
2. Evaluate the integrity of information and/or websites.
3. Cite resources for information collected.
4. Use applications to organize information and then present the research
1. Identify and investigate a question and generate possible solutions using digital tools and resources.
2. Collect and organize data to evaluate theories or test hypotheses using digital tools and resources.
3. Plan and manage activities to develop a solution or complete a project
1. Recognize that Copyright laws protect the creative works of individuals, groups, and companies
2. Continue to follow good cyber community rules.
3. Learn and start to apply “netiquette” rules to telecommunications.
4. Introduce the concept of Cyberbullying.
5. Compare and contrast the Internet community to the physical community with a focus on roles and responsibilities as citizens.
6. Sign and follows Acceptable Use Policy
1. Use and practice the keyboard as a tool to enter letters, numbers and words.
2. Demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot computer. (ctrl+alt+delete, restart, shut down)
3. Use appropriate grade level applications