Table of Contents

Fourth Grade Anchors

ISTE NETS for Students
A. Creativity & Innovation
B. Communication & Collaboration
C. Research & Information Fluency
D. Critical Thinking, Decision Making & Problem Solving
E. Digital Citizenship
F. Technology Operations & Concepts
1. Create an original media-rich product.
2. Use simulations and/or graphic organizers
1. Use digital media to communicate and work collaboratively.
2. Give critical feedback on products.
3. Understand networks and how they are used to manage and access information
1. Identify an appropriate research topic/question.
2. Evaluate the integrity of information and/or websites.
3. Cite resources for information collected.
4. Introduce advanced search strategies.
5. Use applications to organize information and then present the research
1. Identify and investigate a question and generate possible solutions using digital tools and resources.
2. Use Collect, organize, and analyze data to evaluate theories or test hypotheses using digital tools and resources.
3.plan and manage activities to develop a solution or complete a project
1. Recognize, discuss and use responsible, ethical, and safe behaviors for participating as a cyber citizen in a globally-connected community.
2. Recognize and adhere to copyright symbols on video, audio and written work.
3. Apply netiquette rules to telecommunications. 4. Identify and discuss inappropriate uses and ways to handle inappropriate uses of email, blogs, wikis, chat, etc. (Cyberbullying)
5. Signs and follows Acceptable Use Policy
1. Use and practice the keyboard as a tool to enter letters, numbers, and words.
2. Use appropriate grade level applications