What is Blogging

Reason for Use

  • Blogs are websites in which users post their thoughts, writings, images, widgets, videos, and whatever else they would like to share with a global audience. Then, other users can view and comment on what the author posts. For educational purposes they can be used for:
  • writing - ANY aspect
  • character development
  • journaling
  • creative writing
  • current events
  • class updates/newsletter
  • Conestoga Valley has its own blogging site so all teachers and students have accounts already created

Video "Why we let our students blog"

Ease of Use

The ease of using a blog is largely related to the blog hosting service that you use. Conestoga Valley staff has luxury of having their own hosted blog server. This server uses WordPress MultiUser as the platform.
  • Every Student and Teacher already has an account


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4th Grade Class Blog - Ryan Berardi 4th Grade Smoketown
5th Grade Class Blogs - Rick Jones 5ht Grade Leola, Tara Meyer 5th Grade Fritz

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