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Google Search

  1. Which link should I follow?
  2. Ken Sheldon's Search Page
  3. How Search Works

Google Calendar

  1. create a calendar, event and task
  2. create another calendar and share and embed it with others.
    1. Creating a calendar
    2. Calendar Sharing
    3. Invitations
    4. Features
    5. Making it Public
    6. Managing the Calendar
    7. Calendar Settings
    8. Embed Code
    9. Sharing a Calendar

Google Docs

Activity 1
Activity 2
  • Doc: start, share and create a short story with your group (write it as a travel pitch or vacation pitch, try to include at least one image)
  • Presentation: Create a brief presentation about Pennsylvania (try to include at least one image and one type of multimedia)
  • Spreadsheet: Create a spreadsheet outlining important or useful data about 5 different topics on Pennsylvania (population changes, weather, etc. Publish your results in a graph or chart.)

Activity 3 (if there is Time)
  • Create a form for collecting data. Examples include
    • student observation form
    • awards nomination
    • workshop evaluation form
    • parent or staff survey
    • attendance
    • goals
    • responsibilities
    • time lines
    • self grading quiz
    • Flubaroo

Other Directions

we can take today

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Google Maps-
Google Sites-
Google Custom Search.Time Permitting:

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