Credits and Thanks

In creating Wikispaces at CV we have found several resources by various authors and teachers that have influenced our work and our presentation models. We have been influenced by their body of work and have found that we can connect to other great teachers by visiting their sites. We would like to list some of the contributors to our CV Tech Wiki. When you find great work by others be sure to remember to check their Liscensing for their work and abide by their requests. If you want to include their work on your pages be sure to contact them and thank them for their ideas and confirm their willingness to share their work. I have found each of these people more than willing to share ideas, work and have added them to my PLN - Personal Learning Network.

Dianne Krause eToolbox
Vicki Davis aka Cool Cat Teacher Blog
Liz Davis 21CTools and The Power of Educational Technology
Classrooms for the Future Coaches IU#13 Exploration Days and Lesson Plans
Common Crafts -- Videos in Plain English
My Personal Learning Network on Twitter

Thank you
Chris Smith and Mardy McGaw