*These lessons are geared for students who have scored advanced on standardized tests. The project may need to be modified for students in the proficient, basic and below basic categories.

· Introduction to lesson
o DAY 1 - Discussion items include
§ What is a PowerPoint presentation?
§ How are PowerPoint presentations used?
§ What is a biography?
§ Why are biographies a popular genre?
o DAYS 2-11 - Set a purpose for a Biography PowerPoint Presentation
§ Use the interactive whiteboard to make a KWL chart
· What would you want to know about a famous or important person?
· Have all members of the class contribute ideas for the “W” (what do you want to know) section of the KWL chart.
· Print & Copy the KWL chart. Distribute
· In small groups, make a graphic organizer that will show the areas each student should focus on when reading the biography for the final presentation.
o Sample categories: early life, family, challenges, inspirations, etc.
§ Share the graphic organizers with large group.
· Discuss & draw upon the categories people like.
· Decide as a group upon the requirements for the project.
· Teacher will listen to the group expectation and design a rubric based on student feedback. (APPENDIX A)
§ Students choose a book from the library that will allow them to meet most of the requirements established by the group
· Before a student checks out a library book, they must:
o Have 2 other students preview the book to see if it will, in fact, meet the requirements for the PowerPoint presentation.
o Have the teacher and/or librarian approve the book
§ Student should have 2 weeks to read the book.
· Inform each student that they will keep a reading log in GOOGLE DOCS.
· Instruct students on how to open up a document (see APPENDIX B)
· Reading log will be updated each time the student reads the book. Must include the date, page numbers read, and a short summary of events discussed in the book.
· The reading log will be SHARED with the teacher, for assessment and teacher observation. The teacher will often comment back to the student on the reading log and their progress over the course of the two week reading period.
· The teacher will then share a GOOGLE DOC with the students (APPENDIX C). This will be a list of questions the students can reflect upon. These questions will turn into slides as the project moves ahead.
o Student must save the file as their own, and then SHARE it with the teacher for assessment and observation purposes.
· DAYS 12-15 Introduction to Google Presentation
o Introduce students to GOOGLE PRESENTATION
o Use interactive whiteboard with these websites for instruction:
§ http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dcdn7mjg_72nh25vq&revision=_latest#Get_more_Google_Docs_help
§ http://edu.googleapps.com/tutorials-and-tips
o After viewing the training videos and reading the documents, students will work on practicing the skills on the computer.
· DAYS 15-25
o Use reading logs, questions, and additional research from the internet to build the biography presentation
o Approved Websites:
§ World Book Online
§ Links from Fact Monster
§ Other sites approved by teacher that meet acceptable criteria for education use.
· DAYS 25-30
o Students present the GOOGLE PRESENTATIONS in the classroom on the interactive whiteboard to the class.
o Each student must write 3 facts or interesting information about each presentation.
o Students will also compliment and discuss the design choices in the presentation.