Example Curricular Activities that meet the Technology Objectives for Fourth

Space and Planets Research Collaborative Presentation:

A.Creativity and Innovation
1 Create an original media-rich product. (Google Presentation)
2. Use simulations and/or graphic organizers (StoryBoard for Notes)

B.Communication and Collaboration
1. Use digital media to communicate and work collaboratively (Students Shared with each other and with Teacher)

C. Information Fluency
1. Identify an appropriate research topic/question.
2. Evaluate the integrity of information and/or websites.
3. Cite resources for information collected.
5. Use applications to organize information and then present the research

D. Digital Citizenship
1. Recognize, discuss and use responsible, ethical, and safe behaviors for participating as a cyber citizen in a globally-connected community.
4. Identify and discuss inappropriate uses and ways to handle inappropriate uses of email, blogs, wikis, chat, etc. (Cyberbullying) (sharing with others to View or to Edit)

PA Curriculum Standards Meet
PA Standard 3.4.4.D Describe the composition and structure of the universe and earth’s place in it.
Recognize earth’s place in the solar system
Identify planets in our solar system and their general characteristics
Describe the solar system motions and use them to describe time
Explain and illustrate the causes of seasonal changes

Actually, the “Project Storyboard” is a left over from mediablender.
The site at the bottom of the sheet: www.tech4learning.com/mediablender Copyright date is 2005 Tech4Learning, Inc.

Examples of Student Created Projects on their chosen Planet in Our Solar System


Here are some examples from Amber - not all are totally complete, so feel free to modify if you would like.
http://www.historyglobe.com/jamestown/ - Wonderful interactive site that allows you to John Smith and make the decisions for starting Jamestown

- Webquest for math that building scheduling, problem solving, money and bugeting skills
- Nothing real special - just a multimedia research/presentation - notice how old it is, I have kids using Mediablender

- a powerpoint for students to work through independently to guide own learning

Google Docs for reading Journals - we have two types of reading journals - one kind is each student has their own (shared with me)and responds to what they are reading (self selected) and I go back and forth with them. The second is collaborative wth other students that are in their reading book and they are discussing the literature circle book we are currently reading.

Other things - I have a bullying webquest and Persuasive writing unit but cannot ffind them. I will look for them and post if I find.