Kindergarten Anchors

ISTE NETS for Students
A. Creativity & Innovation
B. Communication & Collaboration
C. Research & Information Fluency
D. Critical Thinking, Decision Making & Problem Solving
E. Digital Citizenship
F. Technology Operations & Concepts

1. Explain that cyberspace is a means of communicating with real people.
1. Identify and discuss multimedia terms/concepts beginning, middle, and end by arranging pictures in linear/sequential order as a class.
2. Use variety of Internet resources.
1. Formulate a class generated question to be explored.
2. Discuss teacher generated examples of solutions to the question.
1. Recognize that objects, including computer equipment, have owners and demonstrate the respect for the property of others.
2. Recognize that all information found using technology has an owner and take ownership of one’s own work.
3. Identify good cyber community rule: do not lie, cheat or steal, do not hurt others, do not give out personal information, call an adult if you need help.
4. Explore and identify examples of personal information as a class.
1. Identify the computer as a machine that helps people work and play.
2. Demonstrate proper care and use of technological equipment.
3. Identify and use physical components of the computer (e.g., keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, CD-ROM).
4. Demonstrate the ability to login, access files and applications and log off.
5. Identify, discuss and use basic application terms (text, menu bar, cursor).
6. Use and practice the keyboard as a tool to enter letters, numbers and words.
7. Demonstrate the ability to print and/or share a document.