What is On Hand Schools and Curriculum Mapping?

On Hands School is a web based service that ......
Curriculum maps are valuable planning tools for teachers, helping them to begin with the end in mind and chart a course for the year.

Reason for Use

  • Conestoga Valley uses this tool as their exclusive curriculum mapping platform.
  • By all of Conestoga Valleys 7-12 Curriculum will be entered into this curriculum
  • Teachers and administrators can view student assessments and progress over short or extended time frames.

Ease of Use

  • The content is web based and therefore accessible from any device that has internet access
  • Teachers can can collaborate to create and modify the curriculum
  • The editing functions are similar to other word processing tools.


Getting Started

  • Log in Page
  • Usernames and Password
    • Curriculum Writing - See your SAS
    • Tracking Student Data (Sapphire username with 0000 in front of Sapphire password)

Curriculum Writing Training