Speak Up 2011

Share your ideas!

Speak Up, an online national research project facilitated by Project Tomorrow, is a suite of tools that enables you to collect the views of your stakeholders, such as parents, students, teachers or librarians, and receive free, online access to the survey results with national comparisons at the end of the survey period. The surveys will help you answer questions, such as:
  • How are my students using technology for learning in and out of school?
  • What do my students think about online learning? How would they like to use their mobile devices to learn?
  • How important is the use of technology to my teachers and the parents of my students? What types of technology would my teachers like and how would they use it in the classroom? Do our ideas about technology align with our students’ parents?
  • What are the hot trends in emerging technologies (e.g. mobile devices, online learning, gaming, simulations)
Speak Up provides an easy way for students, parents and educators to participate in your local decisions about technology, as well as contribute to the state and national dialogue about educational technology. Since 2003, Project Tomorrow has collected the viewpoints of over 2.2 million students, educators and parents – the Speak Up dataset represents the largest collection of authentic feedback from these key educational stakeholders.
As a participant in Speak Up, your district will receive free, online access to the aggregated results with national comparisons. Providing you with valuable data, which can be used for your strategic planning, professional development and budgeting plans during the school year.
Additionally, we will share the aggregated Speak Up results with congressional members and staff from youth-serving organizations across the nation to help them inform their programs and policies.

Why Participate?

  • Strengthen Parent Involvement – Most likely, a parent has given you this letter because they are interested in your school participating in Speak Up. You can use Speak Up to include your parents’ views into your ongoing discussions school-wide.
  • Ensure that your students, parents and educators are included in the national dialogue on K-12 education as we release the Speak Up results at Congressional Briefings, through special reports, and presentations to staff at federal agencies and at key educational conferences.
  • Free survey results – All participating schools and districts will have free, online access to the survey and results with national benchmarks.

About the Survey?

  • The survey will be open October 10th-December 23rd, 2011 and accessible from any Internet-connected computer at home, school or other location.
  • Questions cover hot topics in education such as online learning, one-to-one computer initiatives, professional development, science and innovation, and 21st century workforce skills.
  • The survey is online, available 24/7 from any Internet connected computer and takes 20 minutes to complete.
  • All responses are 100% confidential. We do not collect any identification information (with the exception of gender and grade) or email addresses from any of the survey participants.

Completing the Survey

- Librarian/Media 21 Questions Teacher 32 Questions- Please find ~20-30 minutes between 10/10/2011 and 12/23/2011 to complete the survey.
- 29 Questions - Please find 20 minutes between 10/10/2011 and 12/23/2011 to complete the survey.
- 30 Questions - MS students will complete the survey during . HS students will complete this survey on their own time or when a teacher gives them time during class. The instructions and links have been emailed to the students school email address.