What is Tiny Url

A website that allows you take log web addresses and make them much shorter.

Reason for Use

Students only have to type a small amount of characters in to get the teachers desired site common and repetitive url (with the exception of the last five characters) for users to remember.
So that you do not take up valid characters when micro blogging.

Ease of Use

Copy the full URL of the page you want to make tiny.
Paste it into the field in at www.Tinyurl.com
Generate the TinyURL
Copy and Paste or write down and share with your students.


The URL for this page is http://tech.cvsd.wikispaces.net/TinyUrl
The TinyURL is tinyurl.com/bsz2ng
Once Students get use to entering/typing www.tinyurl.com its just a matter of remembering and typing the last few characters.
Add tiny URL to your Internet Web Browsers Tool Bar - http://tinyurl.com/#toolbar

Examples for Teachers



Make it easy for students and parent to remember your moodle page www.tinyurl.com/mrbmoodle (you can pick the ending as long as it is not being used)

Middle School

High School