Web 2.0

What is?

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What should you know?


Every tool has privacy settings and rules you should be aware of. A hyperlink is usually at the bottom of everypage.

Terms of Use

This is a legal document that you have to agree to before you are allowed to create an account with any web 2.0 Tool. This is often, often, often never looked at by the end user and many times users just click a box and accept the terms. A hyperlink is usually at the bottom of everypage

Copy Right

Depending on the type of tool copyright issues may be a concern. Any site that involves mulitmedia will usually have copyright policy and disclaimer. It can be located anywhere on the site, but is usually found quickly by doing a site search.

Creative Commons

What I believe is copyright law for the 21st century. Many Web 2.0 function under creative common laws rather that copyright law to allow for the exchange, flow, creation and remix of information and media to happen much easier.
Check out http://creativecommons.org/about/what-is-cc

How are you using it?


How can I use it?